If you think selling a home happens overnight, then you are wrong just ask the best London Ontario real estate agents at Van Bart Real Estate Brokerage Inc.The process of selling involves more and might even take several years before one puts up that “For Sale” sign in his or her yard. Of course your first step could be reaching out to a real estate agent before starting your research on you’re the value of your home online but the journey will take you more time you think.

In most cases, a home sale is as a result of events such as another child, marriage, retirement, death in your family, or even a divorce. Whether it’s during a hard time or a time of celebrating, timing a real estate transaction is not something easy. Some of the points you need to consider before deciding to list your home are listed below.

  • If you’re uncertain, then you’re not prepared

You can’t list your home when you don’t have any real and concrete plan. Do you have a new home to move in after selling your home? What’s you plan once you’ve sold your home? If you don’t have a plan you might as well be opportunistic and not a serious seller. Probably you’re just testing the market thus translating to overpricing your home. An informed and active buyer won’t pay for an overpriced home. You better don’t list your home. Don’t do yourself more harm than good.

  • Remember the clock starts ticking immediately you decide to list your home

The internet has made it much easier for buyers to access information. Of course this applies to every other industry and market. Let’s say you’ve overpriced your home or you’ve listed it in a poor condition. Do you know what happens next? You are more likely to sit on the market without receiving any offers and showings.

Buyers might not show any interest in your property. When the right time comes and you’re now ready to sell in the right condition or at the right pricing, your history and data will be right there for everyone to see. Potential buyers will be seeing the old photos, the price reductions and the previous listing. You can guess what buyers would think-either something is wrong with the seller or the home itself. Instead of giving you offers, buyers will focus on a newer listing that shows well and is priced correctly.

  • The best thing you can do is plan for the market

If you know that you’ll be listing the home in the fall or spring, as a smart seller, you should start preparing your home to get ready. Reach out to a good real estate agent and let him help as your watch the competition. Your agent will help get the word out at the right time. Your goal in this case is to capitalize on the market conditions.

Although you could be emotionally attached to your home, overpricing it or not making the required improvements might sabotage your ability to sell it. Plan before listing your home and if it seems like you’re struggling with the process, consider not listing your home yet. It’s better to wait for the right time than make the wrong decision.